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At GEOTECH, our goal is to provide our customers with a specifically tailored solution to their measuring needs. To accomplish this we offer more options, more products and more experience.

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We carry only the best products that each of the best companies has to offer. We will come to you and can measure the most intricate and demanding small parts to pieces over Huge areas. Striving for a relationship with each customer and not an order, we'll go the extra mile to make your measuring needs manageable.

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GEOTECH 3D employs a full-time professional staff & equipment enabling us to provide a full range of professional aerial services.
We own multi kind of UAV(unlimited aerial vehicle) some of them are multicomputer used for sample land survey or media record another equipment use a flyover route, usually, we can use it for mega projects and non-accessible regions.Our UAV's controlled by computerized navigator used us remote sensing instrument to capture ground surface detail on 500m altitude. Exported data used as GIS-based orthophoto, generate DTM&DEM, creating contours, volumetric.

Advantages of UAV

- Imagery provided that no map can equal
- Improved data high resolution aerial imagery
- Limited ground access required on site
- Quick mobilization
- Small window required on site
- Use of high-precision photogrammetry


Thermal Imaging

Infrared or thermographic testing has emerged as a powerful, versatile and highly accurate diagnostic tool for under covering a wide range of problem in building system and structures, including moisture intrusion, overloaded circuits, faulty wiring, loose electrical connections, constructions defects and post-fire damage.
Our expertise in infrared and thermographic imaging services for commercial and government buildings has earned accolades from facilities managers, plant managers, building maintenance specialists building owners nationwide.

Volumetric Mining Surveys

We make use of well-developed SOP on our missions. this method ensures a professional service delivery that keep our operations safe. With our comprehensive checklist used before every flight like on manned aircraft, we execute our missions with military precision. Our team will do a site observation in the planning phase and gather local knowledge on site to ensure minimal or no impact on the client's operations and production. we can change the target area to accommodate the client's requests.

OIL & GAS Surveys

GEOTECH SURVEYING fly unmanned aircraft systems at low altitude to obtain high-resolution aerial imagery this aerial data is processed using high precision photogrammetry software to generate engineering grade structural details, piping inspection, and reports.




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