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GeoTech specialized in Surveying and Reverse engineering, the power derived from our relationship with our loyal customers . We have proved worthy of the trust, through our services or by our Expert teams.

Our Service
GEOTECH offers you a range of contract measurement services that use 3D scanners, portable CMMs and long-distance trackers. These technologies will quickly and precisely measure items as small as a human hair or as big as a city block. When the measurements are complete, our team converts the raw data into models, reports and images that give you the answers and results that you need. Most of our technology is portable, so our team can come to your facility when shipping isn't an option. GEOTECH has the tools, talents and technologies to get your project done right. We also use that expertise to select the best solution for your application, which can save you time and money. .

Our People:
Our Geotech Scanning Services team. Having built a strong background of strategic management and leadership skills in UAE and The GCC, team members demonstrate expertise in several key areas: engineering, quality assurance and customer support. Geotech Scanning Services people - leveraging the industry's leading-edge technologies - simply make the difference. .

Our Technology Partners:
High-speed, unsurpassed in accuracy, portable and touch less technologies - Geotech Scanning Services ' technology partners set best-in-class industry standards. .