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At GEOTECH, our goal is to provide our customers with a specifically tailored solution to their measuring needs. To accomplish this we offer more options, more products and more experience.

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We carry only the best products that each of the best companies has to offer. We will come to you and can measure the most intricate and demanding small parts to pieces over Huge areas. Striving for a relationship with each customer and not an order, we'll go the extra mile to make your measuring needs manageable.

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Access 3D modeling, construction-driven engineering and analysis all in one application. workflow, ensure design quality and reduce production time with power on roads. Combine traditional engineering workflow of plan, profile, and cross sections with innovative 3D modeling technology.The result in improved quality with integrated Design based on computational relationships and constraints.
using power on roads assure the project engineered as designed using design intent, which is critical for 3D models,
Enable user to share project information across teams, locations and disciplines with precision and security.
Use design time visualization to experience design on the fly and save money on additional software and staff for visualization.
Everything you need for your transportation and civil design
- survey and data acquisition for all data type
- Dynamic interactive 3D modeling of roadway and corridors
- Terrain modeling and analysis
- profile and cross sections
- geometric design
- Regression analysis
- slope/bench safety
- road monitoring
- elevation
- setting out road

road survey
road survey

Hardware and Software

leica c10, Laser Scanner considered as the fastest, smallest, lightest and most reliable accurate scanning machine in the surveying field .
The software required to get from field to finished on these type of projects continues to improve. cyclone software, for example, has a tool that allows the user to quickly filter vehicle "noise" from the pavement surface, create digital terrain model or triangulated Irregular network.

Safety and nan Traffic close

Traditional surveying (like GPS, Total Station) often requires lane closures to accommodate field data acquisition of roadway features. at first glance, you may think to execute a lane closure is trivial, but closing a lane on a major highway takes planning and coordination. the procedure is typically coordinated with the state department of transportation or local municipality, also required the highway police should be present during surveying. which require time and terms of the personnel and equipment needed tp plan set up and take down the lane closure adding cost and delay, 3D laser scanning largely eliminates the needed for lane closures(through due to complexity and safety some project may still require lane closures)
the most obvious challenge in executing laser scans for road and highways in the presence of traffic and this challenge comes in several different forms. another challenge field crews often encounter is vehicular traffic staying from the level lances onto shoulders and medians. this presents a potentially dangerous situation for both crew members and equipment. 3D laser scanning provides a mean to acquires data from safer locations.




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