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At GEOTECH, our goal is to provide our customers with a specifically tailored solution to their measuring needs. To accomplish this we offer more options, more products and more experience.

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We carry only the best products that each of the best companies has to offer. We will come to you and can measure the most intricate and demanding small parts to pieces over Huge areas. Striving for a relationship with each customer and not an order, we'll go the extra mile to make your measuring needs manageable.

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GEOTECH Deal with configuration, relief, or three-dimensional characteristic of the earth surface, That show topography together with natural and artificial feathers such us lakes, building, and highway thus we determine the configuration of the earth surface and locate natural and cultural feathers on it.


- Aerial
we use Aerial photographs to determine, areas,for topographic mapping,
- Transit-Stadia
Distance, elevation and location measurement are taken in the field recorded the filed book and then plotted on paper.
- Plane table
transit-stadia method except that the data id plotted in the field on paper attached to the drawing board mounted on a tripod.

topographic survey
topographic survey


Topographic surveys require horizontal and vertical control, we use these controls for the basis of topographic survey measurement, control will be reflected in the error in the position of topography.

Horizontal Control

- Two or more points on the ground and precisely fixed in position by distance and direction.
- The basis for map scale and locating topographic features.
- Horizontal control for topographic work is usually established by a traverse.

Vertical Control

- benchmarks in or near the tract to be surveyed
- Foundation for correctly portraying relief and elevation on the map.
- lines of level starting and closing on benchmarks.




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